AC and Humidifiers

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is becoming very popular in Calgary, especially in houses that have a lot of windows or are south facing.

We recommend the Bryant Model 123 ANA.  It is a 13 Seer (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and has a hail guard, important for Calgary summers. It also doesn’t have an electronic board as they don’t do well in Calgary’s harsh winter conditions.  

 We also have a range of higher end units when the sound level must be very quiet.


Flow through humidifiers are the most common type sold and installed.  The only drawback with these is they waste a lot of water.

Steam humidifiers are less reliable, and use a lot of electricity. We don’t usually recommend this type of humidifier.

Condensate pump

If you don’t have a drain close to your furnace, you may have to run a pipe across your flooring.  Alternatively, you can have a condensate pump installed. This will run the water up and across the ceiling.  This will eliminate any tripping hazards. However, running a humidifier into a condensate trap is not recommended.  The volume of water is too high for these pumps, and it may cause failure and flooding.