Standard furnaces are very basic, and have fewer parts than newer furnaces.  Maintenance is very low, however they are also very inefficient. 

Mid efficient furnaces (80% efficient) are the next most reliable,  they require maintenance every three years. If regular service is not performed the furnace will just stop working. There won’t be any damage to other parts.

High efficient furnaces (90-98% efficient) are the most complicated. They require maintenance every two years.  The reason for this is because one drop of water in a vacuum tube can cause the furnace to shut down. If regular maintenance isn’t performed water can back up and damage the inducer motor.  

Service intervals also depend on size, environment and location. Give us a call if you aren’t sure whether your furnace needs servicing or not. We can also give you a text or email reminder when it is a time for your furnace to be serviced.

As well as professional servicing, make sure to check your furnace filter every month. Replace when dirty.  I highly recommend filters that are lower density as this provides more airflow to the furnace. A dense pleated filter clogs up quickly, and can cause the furnace to overheat.

A good alternative is to install a wide pleated filter (4” wide) when installing your furnace.  This type has more surface area than a 1” filter.